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AQUA, also known as Carola Dixon, is an Italian-Australian artist and environmental activist who currently resides in London. Her primary focus lies in the realm of digital art, with a versatile skill set that encompasses Augmented Reality, 3D Modeling, Immersive Installations, and Video production. Through these creative talents, she builds worlds and turns them into immersive digital experiences. AQUA’s artistic practice is rooted in a philosophy that leverages technology to promote sustainable and forward-thinking approaches to modern life. 


AQUA pursued her education at Columbia University, where she graduated in the Class of 2020 with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Environmental Biology. In 2020, her dedication to marine conservation was recognized as her Ocean Tapestries series received support from the Oceanic Global organization. The following year, her work was showcased in "Blue Minds," an exhibition supported by the Blue Marine Foundation, and she collaborated with the Organic Pharmacy to promote a reef-safe sunscreen. AQUA's art was also featured in the London Women's Biennial.


In 2022, AQUA took on multiple significant projects, directing a video for the Nature Is A Human Right organization, launching the NFT collection titled "Water is Advanced Technology," and co-creating London's inaugural public VR exhibition in Trafalgar Square. In the year 2023, her innovative world-building skills led to collaborations within the fashion and music industries, including notable partnerships with the K-pop group AESPA and the web.3 brand, the Dematerialized, to explore the exciting possibilities of virtual and augmented reality.

In this series of works, the artist explores how she can process images both literally and conceptually. Drawing, cutting, collaging, photographing, uploading, printing, projecting, drawing, cutting, and collaging again; through this layered and meticulous practice, the origin of conception is erased and the history of process lost. Remaining are clues and fragments rescued along the way. 

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