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Carola. C. Dixon, born in 1997, is an Italian-Australian artist and environmental activist living in London. Their art is mainly digital, using world-building tools like Virtual Reality, 3D modelling, video, and animation. C.C. Dixon seeks to expand our reality by creating dimensions where humanity, nature, and technology co-exist harmoniously. In an effort to fight collective nihilism, fueled by the Climate Crisis and inadequate government intervention, Dixon seeks to inspire cultural change and bring hope to the collective’s vision of the future.


C.C. Dixon graduated from Columbia University in 2020 with a degree in Fine Arts and a concentration in Environmental Biology and has since gone on to exhibit work in galleries and public spaces across London. In 2020 their series Ocean Tapestries focused on marine conservation received the support of the organisation Oceanic Global. In 2021 they exhibited in Blue Minds, a show supported by the Blue Marine Foundation, they collaborated with the Organic Pharmacy to promote their reef-safe sunscreen and exhibited work in the London Women’s Biennial. In 2022 C.C. Dixon directed a video for the organisation Nature Is A Human Right, released the NFT collection Water is Advanced Technology, and co-created London’s first-ever public VR exhibition in Trafalgar Square.

In this series of works, the artist explores how she can process images both literally and conceptually. Drawing, cutting, collaging, photographing, uploading, printing, projecting, drawing, cutting, and collaging again; through this layered and meticulous practice, the origin of conception is erased and the history of process lost. Remaining are clues and fragments rescued along the way. 

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