Carola C. Dixon is digital artist and spiritual being who uses art as a means of unfolding the soul. Their cross-dimensional practice merges organic, electronic, and spiritual principles towards an expanded understanding of the Universe. In their worldview technology is a part of the constant evolution of nature and a powerful tool for deepening our connection to Spirit. Through 3D creations, animations, digital paintings, videos, and VR, they create windows into alternate dimensions and guide the collective towards elevated states of being. 

Their art hopes to encourage all to embark on their own personal spiritual journeys, by finding the courage to face our shadows and shifting from binary systems of belief towards more fluid personal perceptions. Through these offerings, Dixon hopes to gently guide us towards a future where humanity, nature, and technology co-exist in a state of harmony. 

In this series of works, the artist explores how she can process images both literally and conceptually. Drawing, cutting, collaging, photographing, uploading, printing, projecting, drawing, cutting, and collaging again; through this layered and meticulous practice, the origin of conception is erased and the history of process lost. Remaining are clues and fragments rescued along the way.